Erdmann Angus Ranch is a first generation ranch started in 1998 when Jeremy bought his first 12 commercial Angus cows purchased from Gary Johnson of Steele, ND. Having grown up around and worked for many influential seed-stock cattle producers in our area this ignited a spark and passion for Jeremy to build his own herd. In 1999 Jeremy purchased the first registered Angus Cows from Joe Schaff, St. Anthony, ND.  Stacy grew up as the 4th generation on her parents 200 head commercial Angus farm not to many miles away from where we live now, with the enthusiasm to continue not only living in this lifestyle but also with a dedication to educate others about Agriculture and to help other Farmers and Ranchers do the same.  Today Jeremy and Stacy along with their daughters Rylee & Kaylee own and co-own (Ray Haugen, Valley City ND) 100 head of registered Angus cows and operate on 450 acres, of mostly rented pasture and cropland.  From the ground up we work hard to build a dream started all on our own.   Jeremy is also employed as a Salesman with RDO Equipment- Lisbon  and Stacy is employed with AgCountry Farm Credit Services- Lisbon as a Crop Insurance Specialist.  We realize now that we may not be able to accomplish all that we want too here on earth, and that living this life to the best of our abilities is raising our children, the next generation, to carry on the values and beliefs of our family's life through Agriculture. To us it is about building a legacy that will stand the test of time. 

Our History:

Production Sale:

Early on cattle were sold privately.  In 2005, Jeremy started offering yearling bulls on a joint-production sale with Craig & Heather Burchill, Page ND. To try out the production sale atmosphere.  In 2009 we went back to selling cattle privately with our smaller herd size economically we could not afford the expense into a full scale production sale, it is a difficult task to have enough quality seed-stock that our customers deserve. However, to hold an unbiased production sale locally for our customers has always been the goal.  In 2010, we were contacted by Simmental cattle producer, Julie Elijah-Barker of Elijah Ranch and another Angus producer Dale Sprunk of Sprunk Angus, and in collaboration with their families and their cattle we hosted the first Dakota Classic Sale. It was a piece of history in and of itself as our Sale Barn is located on the Ransom County Fairgrounds Beef Barn, which was in it's glory days of the mid-1900s the local auction barn! The feeling and effect this old barn has on our sale days is definitely one that is fun to experience!  In 2014,  we went to a straight Purebred Angus Production Sale with Dale & Dana Sprunk and from there the rest is history.

Every year we consign a few of our elite females to the North Star Classic Angus Sale held in Valley City, ND in the North Dakota Winter Show Building the first weekend in December, and also to the North Dakota State Select Sale, Mandan, ND at Kist Livestock, that is the first weekend in January.   We also hold a number of females for sale via Private Treaty.

Female Sales: 

We utilize Artificial Insemination (A.I.) to more efficiently and rapidly bring in genetics that provide the maternal and carcass traits our customers want.  We recognize that being from Southeast North Dakota there is the ability to have a wide-range of feedstuffs available, but as our experience holds raising efficient cattle is a necessity.  We purchase the majority of the feed for the winter months and so we strive to raise an efficient cow herd, exactly how our customers want them. Our cattle graze mainly on native range pastures, typically from Memorial Weekend through mid-November. 


We do believe that a good, quality mineral program is important and we have lived to see it's importance. Our cattle are provided VitaFerm products.  We rotate the supplements based on the season of gestation, maintenance, weaning and growth.  Our experience these past few years has been of God providing us with more than enough moisture to grow our pastures. We are thankful for the grass however the greener then green pastures has made it difficult to grow our cattle. The past few winters have also heeded a toll on herd health with a few good heavy North Dakota Blizzards.  But we were able to see it through with this mineral program, our calves continue to grow and based on our cow herds health our cows consistently breed back as our calving window has not changed. Calving starts in February through end of March. 

Our Program: 


"This lifestyle isn't just about the cattle.  It's about the beliefs and values passed down through generations. Ensuring things are left better for those yet to come.

It's all about Legacy"

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Our Goal:

Our goal is to simply provide the best customer service we can to our customers. 

Our goals are your goals... 

Performance- Maternal with the addition to Phenotype (because it's always nice looking at great cows). 

The cow is what makes the herd, in our operation being smaller in size every cow counts!  And efficiency converted to pounds matter! 

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Rylee Jo & Nords Miss Annie Lu 8118

2019 North Star Classic Show, Valley City ND


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