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Bar E Feeds (Vita Ferm)

Since 2006 we have been dealers with Biozyme, Inc and offer all the products they have to offer from all their lines. 




   Sure Champ

   Gain Smart



   Feed Testing and Ration Building




We have been using the product ourselves since 2002 after using many other supplemental products, Vitaferm in our cow herd had increased and kept our cows healthy.  We've seen it from the number of cows bred back on time to our conception rates.


A healthy cow grows a healthy calf, weaning is a stressful time, here in North Dakota fall can be warm and cold all in one week.  As we wean calves the Vita Charge Stress Tubs are in the pens from day 1.  Calves will stay on feed better and since they are eating we see less stress and health concerns.  


For our girls and their show calves and pigs the Sure Champ and Vita Charge products we stand by all day long. We've seen these products work to keep their calves on feed and drink when we are at shows. Once we get home there is no change they just keep eating and drinking.  Simply their hair coat, and skin health shine. 

Along with our customers, from Feed-Lots to commercial and registered cow-calf operations they all see the same results we do.


We are convinced there is no better product out there for the health of your cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, horses or dogs!


Contact us today for more product information!

              Jeremy 701-680-2937


                Stacy 701-680-1224

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