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2024 Bull Sale Preview -


We appreciate our customers very much and hope you know that we are working for you everyday! We are excited in our offering of 56 bulls and 20 bred heifers for our customers. Members of this years offering meets a wide blend of characteristics!
We focus on:
*Phenotype - High Functioning cattle are bred to be structurally correct from the hoof up, they hold up stronger on feed and stay healthier and grow more efficiently!
*High Maternal Characteristics and retainability, as we focus on keeping a high percentage of our females back and understanding many of our customers do!

*Growth and Carcass - Efficiency on feed is something that we focus on and something we continue to learn in the feedlots and in the show ring. There are many ways to feed cattle but the question is are we resourceful at it! We certainly are!

View the 2024 Catalog Below Online! Or request your own copy mailed directly to you!
If you have trouble viewing the catalog directly follow this link if you need to view a separate online version

 Link to sale on DV Auction: 

Link to Supplement Sheet:

Link to Sale Order and Sale Day Map:  

2024 Supplement Sheet Coming January 2024!
2024 Sale Order & Sale Day Map Coming February 2024!

For More Information Contact: 

  Jeremy Erdmann at 701-680-2937,       

Dale Sprunk at 701-238-5432 or   

Ray Haugen at 701-840-9256

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